Is Your Air Conditioner Keeping You Cool? 

There’s nothing worse than having a commercial business or residence that has malfunctioning air conditioning or none at all. Broken custom air conditioning models can leave you scrambling for a professional. Your business can easily lose revenue when your patrons don’t feel cool during the summer. A residential cooling malfunction can make everyone in the house feel miserable. A qualified professional with good prices is important to your cooling needs. A commercial air conditioning repair metairie la professional is there to help you with repairs or a new installation.

Warning Signs Your AC Is On The Brink

Your thermostat is the control module for your air conditioner by adjusting the temperature setting. A thermostat is not a simple do-it-yourself task. A commercial building needs to have their building thermostat checked by a professional to avoid losing temperature controls and increasing your energy costs. A broken thermostat could also mean that you’re having problems with the compressor or that your refrigerant is low.

Not Cooling Sufficiently

Warm air coming from your cooling system is a sure way to indicate there’s a problem. A professional can check your unit for faulty parts that may be causing it to malfunction. They’ll help you determine if a new installation is required or will a replacement part for your unit is necessary.

Loud Noises and Leaks

Your air conditioning will automatically make noises when turned on or off and during operation. However, rattling or squeaking are clear warning signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner. A professional can add lubricant to the necessary parts or check your air conditioner for a missing belt. A blocked condenser line and leaking refrigeration fluid are the two reasons your unit may leak. The condenser line involves transporting coolant through the condenser and evaporator and should be serviced by a professional.

Furthermore, the EPA estimates that 46 percent of all air conditioning malfunctions are a result of poor operation. It’s very important to know how to operate your air conditioner unit to avoid future malfunctions. If you’re having problems operating your unit, ask a professional for assistance.

What to Expect from Your New AC Installation

A new air conditioning install is a small residential or commercial investment. Quality work will make a huge difference in your installation. You should never sacrifice the price of professional work for a cheap install. Many individuals are choosing newer Energy Star model units that will save them money. In fact, installing an energy efficient model will help you qualify for a tax deduction. Plus, expect an air conditioning expert to offer you a licensed and insured professional that’s trained in all areas of their field. Ask for an eco-friendly installation that will make it comfortable for your home or commercial occupants. Remember, poor air conditioning can affect the air quality, endanger small children, pets, and the elderly along with increasing your summer cooling energy costs.