Services You Might Provide as A Money Services Business

In order to be considered a money services business federal rules suggest that you must be engaged in activity of higher than $1,000 per person on daily basis in either a single or a few transactions. Each money service activity you provide will be considered a business if it individually meets the same $1,000 threshold. Some of the processes you can look forward to when you get involved in money services include check cashing, money order issuing, and money transmission.

Check Cashing

There are various reasons why people need checks cashed. Sometimes they have paychecks or other personal checks that they need cashed but they may not have a particular bank account or time to wait for proper clearance. You are providing this service as a convenience to those who choose not to go to a bank. Offering a check cashing service will let you charge a fee for this service which usually equates to a certain percentage of the total check amount. Bank rates are quite steep, and some of them may not even accept certain types of checks. That’s why even though you charge a percentage, you will still attract customers who need to see cash right away. The ability to cash checks might also sway you to offer loans to your customers. They can provide you a check that can be set to go through later while you loan them money they need today. When your customers need cash assistance, they should search for any type of loans des moines ia in their area.

Money Order Issuing

As a check cashing store you are also providing a convenience by offering money orders. Throughout the month, patrons might visit your store requesting money orders for various reasons including gifts, bill payments, and other money holding reasons. Money orders are currently one of the least expensive ways to condense funds on paper that doesn’t require a personal check.

Money Transmission

Transferring funds is another process that will be popular in your money services options. People need to send money all over the world to finalize deals, make payments, and provide for loved ones. You can charge a hefty fee for your transmission services. Most companies escalate the fee as the amount that needs to get sent increases. Some areas do not have the same banks and customers are left with an only option of sending the money electronically. The money can take anywhere from days to minutes and recipients usually have up to a week to retrieve the funds.


When you decide you want to be a part of a money services business you will start getting lots of traffic at your location. Lines at check cashing stores tend to be full as everyone needs some sort of cash service from time to time. You are not in direct competition with the banks, you are just offering a convenience to folks who otherwise could not cash their checks. Your services will get used because there are enough people out there who need help and prefer not to wait. Some of the money services you can expect to offer when you start your money services business include check cashing, money order issuing, and money transmission.