What to Know Before You Get That Tow

Cars are a wonderful thing until they break down. This is when you will either have to call a family member to come get you or a professional towing company. However, before you get to the point where you are stranded on the road and have to call a towing company there are some things to consider. Towing services have the same fees as any other business and its best you are familiar with them. A little check on the internet can clear up some questions and often can steer you in the right direction. Consider these tips before you call a towing service to your rescue.

Check Your Car 

There is no sense in simply giving up and calling the first tow service you see without having a clear idea of what is happening. Use whatever tools you have in your truck that could possibly diagnose the situation. Clearly, no one wants to play mechanic in heels and a suit, but if you have a little knowledge of how to use tools you could save yourself some money. Don’t touch anything that might be connected to your electrical system. This can be extremely dangerous, and you could get shocked. If you know your car’s ticks and noises, you may be able to know exactly what the problem is and inform the tow person when they arrive. You can find any towing services gilbert az has to offer.


It sounds ridiculous, but many of us have called a towing service because a simple wire was not connected to the battery. You can check to see it is actually the battery and not something else. Turn on the car and if it is capable of turning over to a full start then it’s not your battery. At home when the car is off and not hot, use some emery cloth to wipe down the terminals. Batteries are often the main cause of vehicles stopping on the side of the road. Check all wires going to the battery. Make sure they are not frayed or loose. This will prevent a lot of headaches if traveling on a road trip.


You may have been one of those people who have simply just ran out of gas while driving. Tow services are quite used to rescuing drivers with a large container of gas. What you can do is keep either an extra tank of gas in your car for a long trip or in the garage. If your engine light comes on, more than likely you have a few miles left to get to the nearest station.

Tow services are very valuable when we need them. There are some things you can do so you don’t find yourself stuck in a bad situation. When heading out for a road trip check everything to the battery wires. If the car does stop, then use whatever tools you have in the trunk. Since we all know our own cars, often times we can pinpoint the issue. It’s also not a good idea to touch anything the is spurting out sparks.