Why People Choose Cremation Services Over a Funeral

Cremation may seem impersonal to some people, but for many others, it is the absolute best way to end their time here on this earth. Cremation is the process of combusting the body through a fire that reaches temperatures of 1200 – 1400 degrees F. It has been used for generations now. Although it may sound a bit gruesome, it is a completely safe, sanitary process. People prefer using cremation over a traditional funeral service for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons to use a cremation service are found below, although the list is far longer than what’s listed here.

Avoid Large Gatherings

Some people prefer to stay quiet and out of the spotlight, even in death. Those people oftentimes choose cremation than a funeral service to make sure a big fuss isn’t made over their departing. Funerals involve viewings, large gatherings, and other services that a cremation foregoes.


Cremation services Edina MN costs vary from one service to the next. However, the price is always thousands of dollars cheaper than a funeral, which tops over $7,000. It’s a great option for anyone who is uninsured and for families that need to keep costs low, even during this tragic event. Compare cremation providers to learn how much cremation service costs.

It’s Easier

Planning a funeral is time-consuming and stressful at a time when emotions are high amongst everyone in the family. Choosing a funeral home, a casket, flowers, a preacher, and many other tasks come when planning a funeral. Many people want to avoid putting that burden on their family and choose cremation services instead.

Loved One is Always with You

When cremation service is used, the ashes, or remains, of the deceased, are placed into an urn that is taken home with the family. Most families place the urn with ashes on a mantle or other location in the home so their loved one is with them at all times, even after death. Some people may even scatter the ashes in special places if desired.

Environmental Impacts

Althongh the impacts on the environment may not be the first thing on your mind after a loved one passes away, you may care to know now. When a casket is used for a burial, it causes negative impacts on the environment, as does the embalming process and other proceedings used during a funeral. Although cremation does cause carbon emissions, the effects are much less than those that a funeral creates.

Final Thoughts

It is a new era and people are shying away from traditions on a daily basis. One way that people do this is by choosing cremation services when their time on earth is done. The benefits listed here are only a handful of the many that may help you determine that cremation is the best end of life service to cater to your needs. Could using cremation services be the best choice for your needs?